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Spreading the Spiritual Teachings of Mother and Her enlightening words, for preparing for the After Life.

We are a hard drive religion. We exist because it is far cheaper for our members to read on their computer Mothers' Word then attended a church, temple, or mosques on any given day. In the old days it was a newsletter that kept our members in touch. Filing cabinets filled many places. Storage was always a problem and donation of material was also a problem. 

A hundred years ago Mothers' Word would have been printed and sent to our members by post. Even with a copy machine, postage was a problem and space was a problem. Even with the computer age that save hours of time putting out Mothers' Word was still costly to both us and to members. 

Only with the event of the WEB has it been profitable to members both in time and their wealth have we finally come of age. 

Today Mothers' Word can been seen world wide just by typing in our name costing nothing to our members. Membership fees or tithe are by the most part a thing of the past. We lack expense we are finally that well sort after cheap religion. Mothers' Word can be change daily, weekly, monthly in minutes, actually the whole WEB page can be change in a few minutes so that personal messages can be sent to members that live in countries that have religious restrictions. 

Unlike other religious organizations that need to sell snake oil to stay alive we need little beyond the cost of the WEB site. It was decided many years ago that even to have a building to house the office was a waste of money. While we could put all of the operation on a hard drive and/or storage CD disk. By using a removable thumb drive  Mothers' Word can be move from computer to computer from house to house from city to city.

Our world now moves in the cyber space in clouds of data of the electronic world. Similar to our Mother and Her life as an Entity. 

We are a simple religion, we do not bow to our Entity we stand upright or pray to Her, instead we ask. We sell nothing and buy even less. To us Her light is real, Her words are truth, Her touch is warm, and Her spirit flows within us. Her words are our map to the After Life.

What we look for in an member is intelligent more then a jr. college education. A person that is well skilled in the art of knowledge with a degree of science in their background maybe multi-language would help. We are a open religion that will accept anyone who has an open mind and believes that we as humans can trace our ancestors back to the plains of Africa 8 million years ago. 

While others go to their heaven WE go to the After Life. We decide our Forever while we still have breath on this side of death.  We seek to live in death forever.




                                     To the Elders:

 Subject: Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is not what is in my favorite thing to do and I have put it off for many Springs to this point that I need many garbage bags to clean everything that I must. One thing that will not happen is to have a garage sale since many of the objects are closer to be old trash. It is like having 4 small boxes of paper clips I can not remember the last time I ever clamp to sheets of paper together. I use a hand stapler even then it seems that I have found a 100 year supply of them.

It is like rummaging around in the basement, antic, filing cabinets or worst the garage. Old file boxes of new letters turning yellow with age, but a favorite meal of something that loves to eat holes in paper. The city has added to the office another recycle bin that over flows with old paper. It is not just paper, but those old office supplies, like ink pens that have since dried up.

Our church volunteer has wonder why do we keep such old stuff and I have said, because one day it might, might be needed as research. That day has come and since it is no longer needed it becomes recycle paper.

When it comes to getting rid of the hardware like computers they have made the junk man very happy.  I toss out 1mg ram along with that type of computer that looked as a pile of rust internally. When it came to software it went before MS Windows 95 up to the current Windows 10 a lots of stuff gotten at religious trade shows. How many barrels of oil went into those discs.

I still have found old lead type when the newsletter was physically printed in house, using a hand press. I grew up setting type instead of being outside playing baseball. Glad that press was toss out long ago as scrape metal. The lead type, blocks, and all of it gone.

Very glad that Apple 2 plus computer came out and having a small HP Think jet printer save a lot of work. Having a way to save those newsletter on a disc should have meant that it would be a paperless world. That did not turn out to be true. Now with Apple iPhones the message of Mother could also be downloaded. Still Her word still needs a live human to type it out.

Again with this spring cleaning I'm finding things that I should have toss out ages ago. Even donating them to Good Will or a church thrift shop could be a way to go, but it still old, rusted junk.

Computers of 2020 run on Windows 10 and many of them will not recognized older models of printers. Even a generation ago (past model) will not see them.

Having older OS from MS may not recognized the current models of desktops.

These days I use a Surface it does just about anything I want and can save everything I want on a Passport or thumb drive.

Just toss out filing cabinets. That makes a lot of room in the musty basement. Along with that are the decades of those IRS 990 forms some have shown their age by turning brown and crumbling when touch.

Remember when VHS replaced Sony reel to reel recorder. The large heavy Panasonic VHS recorder replaced with a thinner, smaller model that could be used to record TV movies off the air, but with a plug in to be attach to a video camera. Years of church services on VHS video tape went into the recycle bin. Now it can be recorded by a cell phone and uploaded to You Tube account then downloaded to a solid state hard drive.  You Tube is a great place to store images of church services.  

It is more than just paper that is being toss out. All those said donations that we have gotten over the years are finding its way to the curb to help the metal men fill up their trucks.

Then to question why I have a dozens pencils erasers in a drawer that I have not touch for a least a decade.  Those IBM Selective Typewriter ink cassettes for another machine where the spongy soundproofing has gone soft.  That is when you could have the IBM balls of different type faces that can give the newsletter spice when I used the Xeroxes copy machine.

On a another note. With the current out break of a virus you can become more aware of those diseases by reading from Amazon a book by David L. Heymann. Having unwanted fear of something that is like fearing that the sky is falling because you get rain upon.

Stay away from large cowards and if you need to be in one stay toward the back.

To have a full understanding about China problem with this virus you must visit China. It lacks modern bathrooms with hot water and soap dispensers in them. True those are found in places where the tourist travel, but going off the beaten path and your using the same holes that Genghis Khan troops used in the 12th century. Really. Any toilet paper is a rare thing.  But again that is changing as holes are replace with poop houses that have sewage pipes. 

There is the other problem that until this virus occur eating a typical Chinese restaurants were also eating at your own risks. Plastic gloves and hair nets are not standard items to be worn by street vendors. Now everyone is concern about getting a virus any virus and dying.

As usual you might want to stay away from large crowds and wash your hands after doing anything.                                                 


March 2020


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