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Spreading the Spiritual Teachings of Mother and Her enlightening words, for preparing for the After Life.

We are a hard drive religion. We exist because it is far cheaper for our members to read on their computer Mothers' Word then attended a church, temple, or mosques on any given day. In the old days it was a newsletter that kept our members in touch. Filing cabinets filled many places. Storage was always a problem and donation of material was also a problem. 

A hundred years ago Mothers' Word would have been printed and sent to our members by post. Even with a copy machine, postage was a problem and space was a problem. Even with the computer age that save hours of time putting out Mothers' Word was still costly to both us and to members. 

Only with the event of the WEB has it been profitable to members both in time and their wealth have we finally come of age. 

Today Mothers' Word can been seen world wide just by typing in our name costing nothing to our members. Membership fees or tithe are by the most part a thing of the past. We lack expense we are finally that well sort after cheap religion. Mothers' Word can be change daily, weekly, monthly in minutes, actually the whole WEB page can be change in a few minutes so that personal messages can be sent to members that live in countries that have religious restrictions. 

Unlike other religious organizations that need to sell snake oil to stay alive we need little beyond the cost of the WEB site. It was decided many years ago that even to have a building to house the office was a waste of money. While we could put all of the operation on a hard drive and/or storage CD disk. By using a removable thumb drive  Mothers' Word can be move from computer to computer from house to house from city to city.

Our world now moves in the cyber space in clouds of data of the electronic world. Similar to our Mother and Her life as an Entity. 

We are a simple religion, we do not bow to our Entity we stand upright or pray to Her instead we ask. We sell nothing and buy even less. To us Her light is real, Her words are truth, Her touch is warm, and Her spirit flows within us. Her words are our map to the After Life.

What we look for in an member is intelligent more then a jr. college education. A person that is well skilled in the art of knowledge with a degree of science in their background maybe multi-language would help. We are a open religion that will accept anyone who has an open mind and believes that we as humans can trace our ancestors back to the plains of Africa 8 million years ago. 

While others go to their heaven WE go to the After Life. We decide our Forever while we still have breath on this side of death.  We seek to live in death forever.




                                     To the Elders:

Subject: Lazarus Curse;

My father so he has passed 20 some years ago was just one of the times that his heart rate drop to the point that it seems that he was dead. His breathing also drop as well.
As dad laid on his death bed in the hospital I explained to the doctor that once tubes are remove and he breaths on his own when he dies, rush him to the basement and pump him full of embalming fluid so as he will not come back to life.
When he went off of the breathing tubes it took him eight hours to final lower his heart beat to the point of being medicinally dead.
That effect has run in the families from our grandfather Edward and from his father for generations. It was something that was known, yet was just a whisper. Told to the sons by their father, not to say to anyone out side of the family.

Those old days our family had Wakes where the body was laid out and people party loud enough to awake the dead. If brought to the grave yard, bury with a string and bell. If in a crypt laid out until the body stunk. Then seal away.

Far as I know a stake was never driven into the heart, we were civilize enough not to kill anyone in our family, but when it came to other families, maybe well to be on the safe side.
Because of health insurance, that changing insurance policy companies is common in this family of us, as I have over my decades.
I hid my deaths during the day with catnips.

I get away with it because I usually am wearing tinted glasses that hided my sleeping in school class, regular working (break times) and just about where it will not be notice by other people.

The cat is out of the bag. A relative of mine fell asleep while walking with his son and by chance his wife saw it and called the EMT. They arrived as he was snapping back from being dead.
They told him to visit the hospital to be check out.
That night he fainted again, but this time his wife drove the lifeless body to the hospital, where he was place on heart monitor which shown very little activity (slow beat) then as early in the day he woke up. Not for long as his nurse would say that while talking to her he again died, the heart monitor flat line and she let out a scream.
Before the doctors could zap him his monitor started to beep.
After a few deaths, the doctors started to wager on how long he would be dead, or alive.
They got him to the operating room and control the time he was dead.
At 183,000 dollars later he has become a new man as he walk out on his own.

Only in modern times with the hospital heart monitor has it become a problem.      
For me even now at this computer I doze off I just close my eyes and awake either minutes or more later and continue to type.

Side note: that at my father's wake I ask the director, that my father was embalm so that his brain would be totally dead. He looked at me funny until I explained about Lazarus coming back from the dead.

It goes a lot deeper then just having my heart slow down. I did not do sports in school, that could put a lot of stress on my heart. My best time for running the mile in high school was 45 minutes. That fast walk was not so much as a fast walk as it was a slow tort.

I have wonder how many other families have had this curse placed upon them one might wonder if people who get into car accidents is because they fall asleep at the wheel and did not pull over fast enough.                                                     

I can usually feel myself  as death comes over me and pull to the side to fall asleep for that few minutes. A couple of times traveling to the university I would pull off only to awake hours later missing class. Many times I just say my missing was because of my job.

Pity those who never had this curse being told to them that their falling asleep at odd times or at odd places is only a health condition. Far as I know only at odd times does it become a problem. One thing my father did tell me was never to drink anything that has alcohol in it.   Even just a little could trigger a life threaten sleep.

My dentist (for decades) is very aware of my problem for when he gives me pain killer I go into a deep sleep. 

I have outlasted my medical doctors, who if needed to be told about my condition and not to put it on my charts or medical history.                             The problem so far has only appear on the male side of the families. Which by my father account has limited his brothers from having large families usually only two offspring. That way the defected gene does not grow, maybe a cure  some day.

Just saying;  


  January 2023




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