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Spreading the Spiritual Teachings of Mother and Her enlightening words, for preparing for the After Life.

We are a hard drive religion. We exist because it is far cheaper for our members to read on their computer Mothers' Word then attended a church, temple, or mosques on any given day. In the old days it was a newsletter that kept our members in touch. Filing cabinets filled many places. Storage was always a problem and donation of material was also a problem. 

A hundred years ago Mothers' Word would have been printed and sent to our members by post. Even with a copy machine, postage was a problem and space was a problem. Even with the computer age that save hours of time putting out Mothers' Word was still costly to both us and to members. 

Only with the event of the WEB has it been profitable to members both in time and their wealth have we finally come of age. 

Today Mothers' Word can been seen world wide just by typing in our name costing nothing to our members. Membership fees or tithe are by the most part a thing of the past. We lack expense we are finally that well sort after cheap religion. Mothers' Word can be change daily, weekly, monthly in minutes, actually the whole WEB page can be change in a few minutes so that personal messages can be sent to members that live in countries that have religious restrictions. 

Unlike other religious organizations that need to sell snake oil to stay alive we need little beyond the cost of the WEB site. It was decided many years ago that even to have a building to house the office was a waste of money. While we could put all of the operation on a hard drive and/or storage CD disk. By using a removable thumb drive  Mothers' Word can be move from computer to computer from house to house from city to city.

Our world now moves in the cyber space in clouds of data of the electronic world. Similar to our Mother and Her life as an Entity. 

We are a simple religion, we do not bow to our Entity we stand upright or pray to Her instead we ask. We sell nothing and buy even less. To us Her light is real, Her words are truth, Her touch is warm, and Her spirit flows within us. Her words are our map to the After Life.

What we look for in an member is intelligent more then a jr. college education. A person that is well skilled in the art of knowledge with a degree of science in their background maybe multi-language would help. We are a open religion that will accept anyone who has an open mind and believes that we as humans can trace our ancestors back to the plains of Africa 8 million years ago. 

While others go to their heaven WE go to the After Life. We decide our Forever while we still have breath on this side of death.  We seek to live in death forever.




                                     To the Elders:

Subject:  Profit of Change;

Well the country has gotten out of another close call, but the US Congress has increase our nation debit by another few dollars that will never get paid down. But why worry I still have a the church roof that does not leak, bread on the table, and a rain barrel that still has green water in it. The only problems that I seem to have is that Google has taken over MS OS W7 on the desktop. But it just might be is when I uploaded Google Brad. Who says that AI programs do not think.

That is where comparison ends while we do import we also export in different ways. Our country have farmland that is being ranch and farm that is own outright by other countries and corporations,  and that food goes directly to those countries.  Japan corporations have more land in the USA growing food that goes directly to Japan then there is land growing food in Japan. China have vast farms that grow either food, cattle, or products like cotton that when harvest go directly to China.  Middle East countries that have oil as their main products also farm in the US raising many food products that could never be ranch in those countries, like a hog farm in Illinois. It seems that forbidden fruit sells very well to those that are liberal in their beliefs.

The war in Europe have sent up prices for corn, wheat and meat in countries that are rich in minerals. The wheat from Ukraine has made its way to the underground black market to be sold at a high price to countries that their populations will give up their souls for a hand full of wheat.  Middle men are growing wealthy by the miserably of others.

There are few place in Africa that does not have oil below ground, other African  countries have mountain ranges that are rich in minerals. If those low flying satellites are right earth has vast wealth of yet untapped wealth. China has set up deals where it will exchange its food sources for vast tracts of empty land. Starving people and its governments will sell worthless dust bowels for a bag of American, Ukraine, or Russian wheat. 

Countries like China have found other countries wars is a good way of expanding their reach around the world. Instead of invasion of troops with rifles as would happen by European countries they do it by building roads and business.   With a population of a billion and half anywhere they can place its citizens is a relief in China. The object in the long run is to replace the local population with Chinese. Clever plan and so far it seems to be working.

The problems in Afghanistan with the Taliban and there problems in feeding its population is being taken care of by China exchanging wheat for some of that American hardware left in that country a few years ago.  That country is rich in untapped minerals including oil as well. The Taliban leaders while are very religious men care not to keep wearing rags when they could with Chinese's merchants made cloths. Having decent foreign bank account is a good nest egg if times get rough.

Keep getting message from members and others that the world is going to end by Putin threats. If it does hope to have pop corn on hand for the show. They say it is going to be a big bang on par with 65 million years ago.  I say man with all of its being stupid will mess that one up as usual.

Do ask our members if they are keeping their penny jar fill just in case as Chicken Little says about the sky.

One item is that I find good for my health as old as I'm getting is the AARP driving course I have learn a few new things about the high way that I did not know existed. More as to watch out for what other drivers do not know about as they drive. Now that I'm of that age  where the State will test me for both written and actual vehicular operation. Either I pass or its two wheel travel.

I do tell some or few of my Christian friends about the religious wars in Europe that it got really bloody for both those who were religious and those that stood on the sidelines. That if they make the wrong people mad as the Republican Party seems to be doing across the world that with 500 million guns in private hands they will feel the heat first.

Speaking of heat with the ever increasing CO2 in our atmosphere earth temperature is going up. That if they live in places that are prone to extreme weather they might want to be mobile in their transportation. Expect that Florida will get bigger and wetter storms. Any where tornados have occur can get another one and if they can get their homes deeper in the ground the better it will be. One outfit to be in is your local FEMA operation. Be a volunteer. In bad weather you will be needed and can have access to emergency supplies. Guess who does not stand in line for dinner.

Having extra of everything is good, hording of goods is also good, especially of any drugs you take. That is why you should join your local FEMA that will be the first to have access to medical supplies.

You might find that your local food market will have damage cans that they can sell below cost.  I do as a 501 (c) (3) can get them sometimes at cost for a food bank at another church. While its is not our religion in times of need any port in the storm.



  June 2023




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