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Spreading the Spiritual Teachings of Mother and Her enlightening words, for preparing for the After Life.

We are a hard drive religion. We exist because it is far cheaper for our members to read on their computer Mothers' Word then attended a church, temple, or mosques on any given day. In the old days it was a newsletter that kept our members in touch. Filing cabinets filled many places. Storage was always a problem and donation of material was also a problem. 

A hundred years ago Mothers' Word would have been printed and sent to our members by post. Even with a copy machine, postage was a problem and space was a problem. Even with the computer age that save hours of time putting out Mothers' Word was still costly to both us and to members. 

Only with the event of the WEB has it been profitable to members both in time and their wealth have we finally come of age. 

Today Mothers' Word can been seen world wide just by typing in our name costing nothing to our members. Membership fees or tithe are by the most part a thing of the past. We lack expense we are finally that well sort after cheap religion. Mothers' Word can be change daily, weekly, monthly in minutes, actually the whole WEB page can be change in a few minutes so that personal messages can be sent to members that live in countries that have religious restrictions. 

Unlike other religious organizations that need to sell snake oil to stay alive we need little beyond the cost of the WEB site. It was decided many years ago that even to have a building to house the office was a waste of money. While we could put all of the operation on a hard drive and/or storage CD disk. By using a removable thumb drive  Mothers' Word can be move from computer to computer from house to house from city to city.

Our world now moves in the cyber space in clouds of data of the electronic world. Similar to our Mother and Her life as an Entity. 

We are a simple religion, we do not bow to our Entity we stand upright or pray to Her instead we ask. We sell nothing and buy even less. To us Her light is real, Her words are truth, Her touch is warm, and Her spirit flows within us. Her words are our map to the After Life.

What we look for in an member is intelligent more then a jr. college education. A person that is well skilled in the art of knowledge with a degree of science in their background maybe multi-language would help. We are a open religion that will accept anyone who has an open mind and believes that we as humans can trace our ancestors back to the plains of Africa 8 million years ago. 

While others go to their heaven WE go to the After Life. We decide our Forever while we still have breath on this side of death.  We seek to live in death forever.




                                     To the Elders:

Subject: Memory Lost;

My mother mind faded long before her body did, while my father was as sharp as a tack until he fainted, hit his head on a coffee table and in a flash die a very slow death. It took him, after the plug was pulled 8 hours to stop breathing. Then another 6 hours just to see if he was dead.

If I fellow my mother then in another 20 years I shall also being able to remember my past to that of a blank slate. May not have to wait that long as it takes me longer to recognize that faces I meet, for their names that is even worst.  I do have one of those little books that I read to remember bunch of useless facts. That it seems that I can forget just as fast as I learn them.

Seeing old faces about what happen decades ago when at that time in the past our families would go out to church weekend canoe trips. Where most of the time the only thing that lighted up the sky were stars, a camp fire and Mother who with Her static electric would light up strings of Christmas lights.

 At time She would appear as in a human form or as She imprinted on each person mind the image most was appealing to them. Those were the times and if it was around the 4th the sky would alight with Her flashes.

It was back then even Her present even in a far off out of the way encampment  would be almost impossible because of Her energy. A walking lighting bolt would cause major electric grid outage. Those is the West that have Her as a guest in their encampments are far from towns so as not to have Her energy disrupted the cell phone towers or bring down the electric grid. Cell phones can be fried from Her image and unless your close to Her that image is just a blur.

That is tricky with the human memory, it forgets a lot of things. Like not only Her face, but that of my parents.

Now think of those other faiths where image of their God does not exist and even their ancient elders are only a guess. Their is no image of the Christian Jesus none was drawn of him, neither was a bust made of him he could as many has said was a figure without form for if he was the son of God, then it would not be any image of him so that only a God would be worship and not a man.

Under Islam there is no image of "The Prophet" as if he shall not be worship.

Even the writings of what happen from the birth to the death of Jesus was written decades after everything was to happen.  That way anything of the truth can be written by those that write history.

Memory is shape by bits and pieces to be put together by other things happening around you.  Those that were at the encampment and saw the impact of Her lighting strikes on the sandy beach, turning mounds of sand into glass  as gift to us from Her. I for one have lost most of that memory to time.

I have lost those memories of most  of my childhood even important events that were important then are not now. My first homerun (rare) more of the strike outs, that touchdown in college, the swim meet, my first kiss of the most lovely female high school student (her kindness) and other bumps in my long life.

As the memories fade so does my past events and putting memories together are more for the younger people then for me.  How many times I have tripped in my life, over and over again. Maybe as the many times I have just looked the other way as history was being made. Do not remember any class mates for the years I went to college, nor do I remember those I work with, in the number of companies I have work in.

How bad is that last month for the end of the year holidays my sister did a video to me on this desktop computer.  I took me minutes to remember her face, that my answers to her was more of just shaking my head yes.

I have a detail map in the car of where I need to go, have learn not to travel to far from where I put my head down.  Next to this desktop I have a set of pictures of faces I must know about.  Those who I must know about. The others are just passing ships in the shadows of the night.

Think about our President Biden who must remember hundreds of faces from his past. I do mean must. Far better than past Trump who without a score cards keeps getting faces mixed up. Trump might have a way out since he has slowed down and does not meet so many people these days.

His wife  if not standing next to him, talks into a hidden mic that sends a signal to Trumps ear piece. Trump being Trump when he talks off the subject can get away with it. He has been off the subject for years and not always as a comedic routine  he just forgets what he is talking about.

Guess as I can if it is not written down in stone the pasted that I have lived will fade from my mind. Most people I have met have long ago forgot me. Even my high school reunion every time I met with them no one as in high school remembers me.

Now on the other hand,  there are 12 people who looks like me. Dead ringers. Because I have been told from others that they do look like me even that when seen it was not me. 

Dad! What did you do in the Navy, again? 



  March 2023




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